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  • Tenant move out carpet cleaning

    Quality tenant move out carpet cleaning at an affordable price and acceptable to landlords & owners

    Please be patient and read through all of this information, it might save you two cleaning bills.

    Most tenant move out carpet cleanings are only looking to satisfy the landlords requirement to have the carpet cleaned, by providing an invoice that shows this was done. So its natural to try and get the lowest price possible.

    There are many companies out there that will “beat” any other quote by a few bucks to secure the business.

    When you hire one of these Guys to do the carpets, generally all you get is very wet carpet. When the inspection is done the Landlord will often let you know that the carpet is not cleaned well enough and hire someone like us to re-clean properly. They may or may not charge you again for this, but you most likely will be charged.

    We get lots of calls for month end move out cleaning and generally give a price over the phone that is realistic for what is asked of us. Most book, some do not.

    When we give a price over the phone its usually within a range. For instance an apartment might have a price in the range of $130 to $150. We generally do not offer a telephone quote for heavily soiled carpet. Why do we give this range? Well, its because we don’t know how long it will take to clean, and when all is said and done, you pay for our time. If you keep the carpets reasonably clean, it will be on the lower end, if they are quite heavily soiled then it will be higher. Some cleaners work this way, most do not. If you have explained accurately what we need to know then will not give you a higher price when we turn up to clean, knowing that you have to get it done and also knowing that you are unlikely to be in a position to argue. We also know that by offering a price idea in this article we are also giving our competition a heads up on our pricing and that’s OK, we know our business and what it costs us to do an effective professional carpet cleaning.

    We clean carpet for several landlords. They use us because they know we are reliable, do not overcharge, and more importantly, do the job well, first time.

    If you want to ensure you only get one cleaning bill for your carpet cleaning then call us today to book your move out.

    If it’s mid-month and you are already moved out, let us know. If you can be flexible with dates, then you can definitely save money.

    And finally, because of some confusion with a recent client, there are a couple of buildings in Sylvan Lake that we have imposed a minimum charge. They are Watermark, Fairway and Broadway Rise. This charge is currently $150.00.

    UPDATE: As we now have more resources and cleaning technicians and you really don’t want or need to get your carpets cleaned but the lease says you must, tell us and we will give you our rock bottom carpet cleaning price.