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  • Process- Carpet

    What to Expect when Cleaning your Carpet, Area Rug & Oriental Rugs

    What can you expect from our technician upon arrival to clean your carpet?

    First is a thorough walk through to examine all the carpets, area rugs and mats that need to be cleaned. We do this with you to ensure any areas of concern that you might have are fully covered and dealt with before we start the cleaning process. If you have not already had our fixed price quotation (we will not be guilty of changing the price even if the cleaning process takes longer than we scheduled) you receive it after this walk through. Next, we pre-treat the carpet and spot clean where required.

    Now we agitate the carpet if needed to ensure the pre-treatment is fully effective.

    Cleaning the carpet comes next with our truck mounted hot water extraction equipment.

    This method of cleaning is recognised by carpet mills as the premier and preferred carpet and upholstery cleaning method. Our equipment is self powered, has its own iron free soft water supply and powerful vacuum to ensure maximum cleaning and extraction of soiling.

    When cleaning is complete we re-inspect the cleaned areas to make sure all spots are fully removed.

    Now we apply a Teflon based protector to the carpet, if needed or desired.

    The carpets can be groomed, our equipment removed and we leave.